Yanmar Tractors-F-Series Tractors

Yanmar Tractors-F series

American builtYanmar Tractors-F series models FX16, F165, F18, FX18, FX24 YM, parts and repair and specification manuals are still found on the market and are available through dealer purchase. Established in 1912 Yanmar has been making powerful small diesel engine compact tractors since 1933. The lightweight 3 cylinder engine in Yanmar’s F-series tractors optimizes excavation and grading functions with maximum fuel efficiency. The F-series is part of the cleaner diesel vision that guarantees greener emissions in engine operations.

Yanmar’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) emissions control strategy has been present in its tractor vehicles far before the Kyoto Protocol. EGR is an engineered method of modification that allows recirculation of engine exhaust gas, through reintroduction to the combustion chamber through the intake system. EMR Engine modifications include: electronically-controlled fuel injection, combustion and fuel injection optimization. Reduction of poisonous NOX is the goal of EGR systems integration. The design also controls for other exhaust constituents such as PM, HC and CO emissions, and reduces combustion temperatures.

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As a result, Yanmar’s tractors are some of the best emissions reductions machines on the market. Diesel systems would normally have poor impact on fuel economy and power density are designed to adhere to the most stringent emissions regulations in compliance. Significant mitigation of NOX emissions that typically emit from internal combustion engines is part of Yanmar’s effort to minimize cost and environmental impacts to customers.

Yanmar’s EGR has been part of light-duty gasoline and diesel-fueled designs for 30 years. Application of EGR to heavy-duty diesel engines is standard to most tractor vehicles built in the last decade. More recently with the entrance of the 2008 model series, Yanmar implemented EGR technology in engines above 56 kW (75 hp). This change to engine systems fuel injection design is correspondent to compliance to Tier 3 and Stage IIIA emissions regulations.

The tractors include low compaction, outstanding mobility, easy operation and simple maintenance. For agricultural use, the F-series is designed for multi-functional field use with rubber wheels or track crawler, bringing the best possible navigation of orchard and vineyard and orchard management compared to competitors. Due to the F-series model(s) time in market circulation, generic brakes, clutch parts, cooling, electrical, engine parts, exhaust, filters and fuel parts are available at a discount.

Yanmar Tractors- F-Series Specifications


Yanmar F15D 4 WD 19 3 gear drive 1709 85″ 39″
Yanmar F16D 4 WD 20 3 gear drive 1907 92″ 41″
Yanmar FX20D 4 WD 23.5 3 power shift 2438 113″ 49″
Yanmar F22D 4 WD 25 3 gear shift 2458 113″ 49″
Yanmar FX22D 4 WD 25 3 power shift 2480 113″ 49″
Yanmar F24D 4 WD 28 3 power shift 2623 113″ 52″
Yanmar FX28D 4 WD 33 3 power shift 3792 129″ 58″
Yanmar F395 4 WD 42 4 gear drive
Yanmar F455 4 WD 50 4 gear drive
YM FX42D 4 WD 45 3 power shift 3902 130″ 59″
Yanmar tractors offer more versatility than the John Deere tractors and offer it at better price.

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